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I have paid a deposit for the reservation of the apartment. My flight arrives at 11pm. Can I settle at night?
Of course, we are working around the clock. Night manager populate you at a convenient time for you.

Do you provide towels, soap, shower gel, or I have to take everything with you?
We provide free bed linen, towels, soap, shower gel, shampoo, slippers. In addition, also free tea, coffee, sugar and bottled water.

Our employees go on a business trip. Do you provide reporting documents for accounting?
Yes, business travel – a priority direction of activity of our company. We provide a complete package of accounting documents: the contract of employment, receiving and transfer act, PKO, certificate of completion, BSO

I want to stay in your apartment from 6 pm until 6 pm the next day. Would this be considered a rental for a day?
Unfortunately no. We adhere to hotel standards in our work. Standard check in to the apartment and 14.00 later, leaving the apartment until 12.00 am. Check out at 18.00 is considered late and paid an additional amount of 50% of the daily rate. Check in after 19.00 is charged at 100% of the waste rate. The same rules apply for early settlement. Check-in from 9.00 to 14.00 is considered early and paid a further 50% tariff, arrival before 9.00 am paid as a 100% tariff.

I would like to stay with you, but to me is my dog. I’m ready to pay. Is that possible?
Unfortunately, we do not rent our apartments for guests with pets. You can contact the dedicated hotel or apartment where possible.

My daughter is getting married, I wanted to stay in your apartment in the evening and spend an impromptu bachelorette party. There will be three friends, we will pay for a day.
All our apartments are in residential buildings, so we do not rent the apartment for the event. Also, we do not rent the apartment for photographic film and video shooting. Try to ask in the “rent loft” search and you will find a lot of offers rental space for parties.

Can I stay in your apartment without prepayment?
We can accept your application for the so-called “soft” armor. This means that we will keep for you an apartment for as long as it is free. “Free” status will be set also in all booking systems. If the apartment will be free at the time of check-in and the other tenant does not pay the deposit for the reservation, you will be able to move into the selected apartment. settlement guarantees in this case we do not give.

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